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Professional Bookkeeping Services

"Our mission at Fortified Books is to help business owners strengthen their financial “fortress” by bringing clarity, ease, and consistency to the ins and outs of their money, so they can make wise financial decisions for their business."


Business Owner to Bookkeeping Pro.

       My name is Dustin Dornink. I own and operate a small rental portfolio as well as a small carpentry business. I love owning a small business and figuring out how to help it thrive. I love the financial side of owning the business best of all, which is why I started my bookkeeping business. I love the idea of building a financial fortress that is truly a fortress and not a house of cards that will blow over with the first wind of uncertainty. I am passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom through wise decision making based on accurate record keeping. 

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Battles We Win...

Clean Up and Repair

Are your books a little unstable? We can fix that with our full service clean up...
- Chart of Accounts
- Vendors and Customers Lists
-Bank Reconciliation

Monthly Bookkeeping Service

We fight the messy money monster through monthly service... - Monthly Transactions
- Monthly Products and services updates
- Monthly Vendor and Customer updates
- Monthly Income and Expense Tracking
- Monthly Bank Reconciliation
- Monthly Profit and Loss Report
- Monthly Balance Sheet Report
- Monthly Payroll (Coming Soon!)

Getting Things Started

We offer full service setup for new companies...
- Chart of Accounts
- Products and Services Setup
- Vendor Setup
- Customer Setup
- Rental Portfolio Setup

How Can I Help?

Contact Me: 405.380.2373